My Story

“I guess you could say this all started with my Mom.”

As a young girl I loved to play and destroy her lipsticks. She was my first introduction to makeup and watching her transform with her signature lip before dinner parties inspired me. 

Mom always told me makeup should enhance your beauty, not create it, and that’s something that I have always held close to my heart.

Little did I know but this was the beginning of my career in beauty.

I was raised in a Muslim household by hardworking Bengali immigrant parents who did their best to provide us with the best life they could offer. We had firm rules inside and outside the home.

But outside, I was exposed to a whole different world with Australian culture. I never truly felt like I fitted in either world. Like many teenage girls, I hid my true self in a backpack and changed when I left the house. It got exhausting juggling two identities. I knew freedom was through empowering myself and I got my first job as a waitress at 14. At one time, I was working two jobs and studying and hoping to figure it all out.

I trialled university degrees, left home and even flew to LA to pursue acting. It was during that time that I really struggled to find natural looking beauty products for my auditions.

But after testing out a gazillion products, I finally found some beauty products that suited me.

“What’s the color you're wearing on your lips?”

A common question I often get today is “What’s the color you're wearing on your lips?” and this has always been tricky for me to answer because there has never just one single lip color that could do this for me. 

This was made more complicated when in 2018 I posted on YouTube some beauty tips and I found out that one of my favourite brands discontinued one of my go to lipstick.

So I decided to create a solution to my own problem by developing a lippy that can be used every day, one where you didn’t have to work too hard to create a look.

'First Date' is something I’ve been working so hard on for 2 years (but really my whole life). It’s a classic nude with a modern-day twist.

“It is made for everyone, no matter what world you belong to, and what world you’re working to create.”